Nurse Chioma

How To Increase Your Chances Of Nursing School Acceptance

In this video, I tell you what 4 SPECIFIC things you can do right now of how to increase your chances of nursing school acceptance!i Clck below to be able to...
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How I Got 9 Interviews In My First 4 Months As A New Nurse (true story)

One of the most common facts we see widespread today is that there is a nurse shortage. We see that the nurse standard has always been by year X there will...
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How To Become A Registered Nurse

Hi there! This is a video tutorial of information to help you decide how to become a registered nurse. This first video is going to be explaining to those of you...
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How to Save 50K As A New Nurse

If you are finishing nursing school or looking for your first nursing job or JUST started working as a new graduate nurse, this post is for YOU. I’m going to give...
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Why 20% Of Canada Nurses Are Failing Their NCLEX Exam

As many of you know, one of the things with the NCLEX exam is that it is constantly changing. How it was graded, scored, computed ten years ago is not the...
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9 Signs It’s A Bad Hospital to Work For

Warning: This post may be extremely sarcastic Okay so typically when you’re a new nurse, you’re going to be naive. All hospitals (as long as it’s one giving you a job)...
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