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Body Systems Crash Course II (A&P)

Want to learn the body systems in the most easiest and fastest way possible? Need help with understanding pathophysiology?

Then take advantage of our Body Systems Crash Course II.

Each video is about 30 minutes to 1 hour long and will cover the following topics below:

1. The cardiovascular system- Learn more about the heart, the lab values, and how to grasp the function of how this system works.

2. The respiratory system- Receive teaching to help you to better understand this system as well as lung sounds, and interpreting arterial blood gases.

3. The lymphatic system- Understand the network of the lymphatic system and what it means for the exam.

4. The digestive system- Obtain access to this teaching on the digestive system.

5. The integumentary and endocrine system- Learn more about the hormones involved in this system and how this effects the dynamics of the patient.

6. The muscular system- Receive adequate teaching to better help you to understand the makeup of this system.

7. The skeletal system- Now it's time to learn the skeletal system and how it holds everything together.

8. The urinary system- Learn more about the dynamics of the urinary system and how it effects the long term health of the patient.

9. The nervous system- Discover what the nervous system is and how it connects to the muscular system.

You will also receive downloadable powerpoint slides for each video.

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