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Do you need help understanding how to make the connection with anatomy and physiology and nursing questions?

This webinar is all about helping you to better understand each of the eleven body systems and the application to understanding it in the format of nursing questions.

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Looking for a quick content crash review on the NCLEX? Well, look no further, take advantage of this training that will mimic the same live experience to help you pass your test!

*Ideal for NCLEX-RN & NCLEX-PN

Here's what it includes:

Video #1

    • Cardiovascular SystemDigestive System

    What We Will Focus On

    • What They Are Each In Reference To The Exam
    • The Organs And...

Inside this 90 minute training, I am going to show you:

  • Why all NCLEX prep course are not created equal. ​
  • A simple study plan that was responsible for me crushing my exam on the first try (even though I’ve never been a straight A student)​
  • The top myths & mistakes that prevents nurses from passing​
  • Secrets to turning your test anxiety into confidence on your test day​
  • The 4 step...