How To Finally Pass The NCLEX Exam Even If You Have Struggled Before

How To Finally Pass The NCLEX Exam Even If You Have Struggled Before

One of the common beliefs that many people all over the United States (nurses or not) have is that most people pass the NCLEX exam.

And it’s normal to believe this because after all what is broadcasted everywhere is the passing rate numbers on the NCSBN website as well as of course the unofficial results someone posts on social media every time they pass their exam.

However, many people are not aware that there are actually thousands (yes thousands) of nurse graduates every year that unfortunately are not successful in passing this test.

One of things I would like to do is address these people specifically and show them how they can be successful moving forward now.

This will also significantly help first time test takers so they ensure that they pass their exam on the first try.



Now here’s the common theme for many repeat test takers and that’s the fact that you have most likely already been through a mountain of resources to previously prepare for your exam in the past.

You’ve used books, review classes, self study programs, maybe even tutors and you HAVE studied with no success.


Here’s the number one FIRST thing you need to do: simplify.

You want to begin by first simplifying your study routine so things are not as overwhelming moving forward and so that you actually stay focused from start to finish.

I recommend doing these three steps to help you:

  1. Identify what went wrong the last time you took your exam and what you did (ex: did you not prepare long, personal dynamics, anxiety, studied with books only, etc). Learn what went wrong exactly so you can easily identify what to do differently this next time.

  2. Identify your weak areas. Here’s the thing, there are some very specific weak areas that the exam is identifying every time you take your test and that’s the reason why it’s not passing you. Therefore you need to identify what categories you are weak on and WHY so you can narrow down your focus on what really matters for you personally so you can start on the right track. In our NCLEX Readiness Assessment Package, we provide an assessment test that can do this for you as well as video feedback trainings to walk you through what your results means.

  3. Create a new study plan centered around your weaknesses and with integrated strategies. If you have taken your exam multiple times and you have studied, your greatest problem can be one of two things or both: you’re not connecting the content correctly and/or you need to learn SEVERAL strategies to help you understand how to pass this test. Everything you do moving forward needs to be completely strategic from how you study all the way to how to answer different kinds of NCLEX questions. Noticed how I said strategies, plural; meaning you need several strategies to pass this exam not just one or two. 

Study Plan

I’m about to reveal to you right now, the best model for a study plan that I have literally used over and over again that has turned so many repeat test takers into finally becoming licensed nurses.


It’s what I call my “Leveling Up” method. You study for the exam by levels not by content and questions.

When you study with the mindset of just trying to consume as much content as possible, you’re more likely to quit studying, feel overwhelmed and lose focus.

Or if you try studying as a repeat test taker by doing hundreds of questions only, you’re less likely to get the WHOLE picture to pass your exam.

Instead try breaking up your studying for the NCLEX exam into four levels.

Patho Level which is at the very bottom. This includes Physiological Adaptation and Health Promotion and Maintenance categories.

So in this level, you’re trying to learn the normal functions of the body as well as different diseases.

Content Level which is the next level. This includes Pharmacology, Safety and Infection Control and Psychosocial Integrity categories.

In this level you’re trying to learn the actual medical treatment for these diseases as well as psychosocial issues.

Nursing Level which is the level above this one. This includes Basic Care and Comfort, Reduction of Risk Potential and Management of Care categories.

This is the level that most test takers struggle with because in this level you’re trying to learn nursing care and how the nurse THINKS.

Test Taking Skills Level which is the very top level. This level includes learning nursing strategies, NCLEX strategies, test taking skills strategies, strategies to answer different kinds of questions such as priority questions, select all that apply questions and more.

Once you pass this level you are ready to take your exam.

Here is a visual image below of these four levels.


See when you break everything down into this structured pattern it does several things for you.

One, you’re more likely to keep going because you know what your end goal is instead of just trying to study EVERYTHING.

Two, it keeps you organized from start to finish.

Three, you’re more likely to really know when you’re actually ready to take your NCLEX exam rarely than just taking it blindly.

Four, it tremendously increases your confidence to take your exam again.

I recommend this studying model for any NCLEX test taker struggling to pass their exam, especially their NCLEX-RN exam.

And this is the EXACT style of teaching, that I go over inside of my 6 Week Mastermind Review program.

We go over all these things in depth to help prepare you to take and finally pass your NCLEX-RN exam and it also includes the NCLEX Readiness Assessment Package.

The 6 Week Mastermind Review class is only held 3 times per year in January, June and October and is limited to 25 spots only.

To learn more, you can visit here.

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