How To Get Organized For The NCLEX Exam

How To Get Organized For The NCLEX Exam

Uncertainty as to where to begin is one of the biggest concerns people share regarding the NCLEX exam, whether they are taking it for the first time or after a previous failure. False assumptions on the content required to pass increases the difficulty.

However, organization is far easier than expected.

Multiple elements comprise your exam, which can cause confusion when determining what steps should be taken.

Four factors need to be taken into account when it comes to effective exam preparation, regardless of the number of testing attempts.

         1.Determine how much time you can truly commit to studying for your exam on a weekly basis.

A realistic assessment of study habits first means identifying all professional or personal obligations. From that point, determine how much time you can commit on a daily and weekly basis to study for your exam. For example, I know i can commit 10 hours per week to study, Wednesday through Sunday.

          2. Identify the best way your learning style.

There are three general types of learning strategies: visual, audio, and kinesthetic (learning by doing). Websites, such as this one, have short quizzes to help determine your learning strategy. Most people have an emphasis on one learning strategy, but are still able to draw from others.

After you determine your learning style, the way you learn is the primary way you should be studying.

           3.Get a planner or a calendar and fill in specific content you are going to study daily. Write         down the goals you want to accomplish that week.

A structured plan will break down exam preparation into manageable modules.A realistic study plan, based on daily modules, greatly reduces anxiety. Organization also increases confidence and reduces frustration.

          4. Set your exam date.

While a specific exam date may cause anxiety, it can also inspire discipline and focus. In a worst-case scenario, you can reschedule your exam for a later date. Apply the steps listed above immediately so you can start next week on a positive note.

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