How To Master Maternity NCLEX Questions

How To Master Maternity NCLEX Questions

One of the areas a lot of people struggle with on the NCLEX exam is maternity nclex questions or OB related questions.

And I believe one of the reasons this maybe it’s because there’s not a lot of teaching on maternity nursing for the NCLEX.

What I’m going to give you is an overview of what are the specific things you want to know in order to help you master this area.

First and foremost whether it is the RN exam or the LPN exam, maternity nursing may cover about 6-9% of the exam.

Since it’s not heavily covered on the exam this is hence the reason why there is not much teaching on this particular topic.


However there are many NCLEX test takers who have taken their exam and when they took the test they got a lot of OB related questions and later on discovered that they did not pass their test.

It’s not hard

One of the things that’s going to help you to master maternity nursing is for  you to believe that it’s not very difficult.

It’s just a matter of you understanding the concept of the  mother and the newborn.

However for the sake of this article I am just going to discuss the mother only.

Now of course the exam is adaptive so we can’t really predict it exactly how many questions you will get related to maternal nursing but this is a percentage of how much you may see it on the test.

If you’re not comfortable with maternity nursing, I would strongly suggest that you learn the actual content of maternity nursing, not just do practice questions.

It may take you longer to learn maternity nursing if you just do practice questions.

Learn the must know topics


There are very specific topics that you should absolutely know for the NCLEX exam even if you do not pursue OB nursing.

I will list for you what you need to know so you can begin studying them now.

Here are the following MUST know topics.

1) Prenatal Diagnostics

maternity nclex questions

For maternity nclex questions you need to know how to diagnose medically if a woman is pregnant.

The reason why this is significant because let’s say you work in ICU or you work on a med-surg floor or any floor that isn’t maternity nursing… you should still be able to notice medical signs that would indicate a pregnant mother aside from her showing.

This is why the NCLEX will test you on prenatal diagnostics.

 These diagnostics will include:

  • amniocentesis- know why we would do this and the complications

  • nonreactive test- know what is a reactive and nonreactive test

  • Know how to calculate the estimated delivery date (EDD)

  • Know the normal fetal heart rate (FHR)

  • Urinalysis- detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone

2) Stages of Pregnancy


maternity nclex questions

For the NCLEX exam you need to know the stages of pregnancy, what is expected at each stage, and the appropriate education to give to the mother.

  • antepartum

  • interpartum

  • postpartum

    3) Labor complication

maternity nclex questions

Key: The NCLEX exam is always big on your ability to be able to recognize emergencies.

Below I listed for you some very common complications that you would see during labor.

You need to understand what each of them are, what are the signs of symptoms, and then also what should you do.

  • placentia previa

  • placentia abruptio

  • shoulder dystocia

  • preeclampsia

  • eclampsia

  • severe eclampsia

  • late deceleration

  • early deceleration

  • acceleration

  • prolapsed cord

  • apgar scoring

    Bonus Tip: Maternity nursing questions are looking to see if you can identify what is the normal process of pregnancy from conception to delivery and if you know what to do if patients (mothers) do not demonstrate these normal symptoms.

    These are some tips to really help you to master maternity NCLEX questions.

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