6 Factors That Determines If You Will Pass The NCLEX

6 Factors That Determines If You Will Pass The NCLEX

This post will focus on the various factors which can prevent students from achieving success on the NCLEX exam.

When students are preparing for the NCLEX exam, focus is largely placed on one factor in order to achieve success.

This is shown by solely studying content or preparing to answer questions.

After failing one or more times, students begin to consider other factors that may play a role in their ability to pass the NCLEX.

As an NCLEX Prep Coach, with the help of my team, we have researched what the main factors that play a significant role in preventing students from achieving success on the NCLEX exam.

Take a look at the figure below.

Let’s review each factor in greater detail.

Content knowledge (red)

Content knowledge is the primary obstacle to student success.

Timing (blue)

The chosen date to take your exam is very critical to your likelihood of passing the exam.

For example, we find that the graduates who waited and took their NCLEX exam 6 months after graduation, had a much lower passing rate than those who took their exam within 3 months of graduation.

Additionally, students who took their exam too long after failing before have a reduced passing rate with additional attempts.

Critical thinking (orange)

Critical thinking is vital for the NCLEX exam, particularly for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Mental preparedness (green)

Surprisingly, mental preparation is an influencing factor with the NCLEX exam. The inability to manage anxiety obstructs students success.

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Question bank (purple)

Review of sample questions should be a regular part of exam preparation.

This ensures you are familiar with the question format and can accurately respond during time constraints.

However, based on the research, preparing with a question bank equates to about 10% of passing factors, which is why people can practice extensively with NCLEX questions and still fail the exam.

Support system (teal)

Successful students are able to establish a support system to maintain motivation while studying.

Friends and family need to understand the importance of your studies and help to minimize distractions.

These factors play a role in your ability to achieve success on the NCLEX.

Review each factor and create a plan to address any issue that emerges.

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