When You Can’t Remember What You Are Studying

When You Can’t Remember What You Are Studying

I often hear this from many NCLEX test takers, “I can’t remember what I am studying”.
Let me ask you, is this you?
Do you feel that you can not really remember what you are studying?

If so, there could be a couple reasons why.


One of them is that you are not learning very effectively.

Yes you are putting in the time to study but it doesn’t mean that it’s actually working.

That’s a major problem.

You can not take the exam if you are not really confident about what you know.

Take for example, Person A.

Person A graduated from nursing school December 2016 from an accelerated program.

Person A studied by doing two things only.

Reviewing for three months using a comprehensive NCLEX review book while doing 50-100 practice questions for a few days every week.

Person A just took their exam April 1st.

Let’s see how they did.

  • # of questions on exam 246
  • Near passing in areas Safety and Infection Control, Basic Care and Comfort and Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Below passing in areas Management of Care, Reduction of Risk Potential, Physiological Adaptation, Pharmacology and Psychosocial Integrity
  • Overall Score: Fail

Person B implemented a different plan to study.

Person B had previously failed their exam two times before and graduated June 2016.

Person B prepared for their exam in only 45 days.

However Person B implemented strategies in their studying routine.

Strategies of how to study more effectively, strategies of how to better understand the content and strategies of how to answer the questions.

Strategies is also how you get your results faster and how you obtain your dreams more quickly. 


As a result Person B passed their exam in only 75 questions!

Now Person B is licensed and working in a hospital setting making $30 per hour.

You can be Person B.

But the problem is that you are not seeing the content and questions from the right perspective that matches the difficulty level of the exam.


Strategies gives you the right perspective.

You’re not grasping the material because it’s not in a way that’s easy for you to remember.

If you are having problems remembering what you are studying, then the issue is because you are learning the material in a way that is HARD and complicated.

But if the way you learn the information is EASY then the way you understand the content and questions will also be easy.

You have to change how you study so you make the right connections BEFORE you see the questions.

This is how you successfully remember what you are studying.
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