What You Need To Know About Nutrition On The NCLEX!

What You Need To Know About Nutrition On The NCLEX!

If you would like a better understanding of nutrition on the NCLEX exam then you definitely want to read this article all the way until the end.

There’s three key things you need to know and understand about nutrition on the NCLEX

  1. You need to know which kind of foods carry certain nutrients and electrolytes

  2. You need to know which foods interact or contraindicate with certain medications and why

  3. You need to know which disease processes effects the patient’s nutrition status and what foods are appropriate for them to eat and not eat.

Let me give you an example of a couple, that you would definitely see on the test.


Fact: Grapefruits or grapefruit juice interact with statins medications.

Statin medications are medications used to treat high levels of cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia.

A common example of a statin medication is Simvastatin (generic name) also known as Zocor.

Patients who are taking this medication should be advised to avoid foods that contains grapefruit.


Here’s the thing about bananas. We all know that it contains high amounts of potassium right?

But what you should know about bananas that’s significant to the NCLEX is who would I be afraid to give bananas to because it contains high amounts of potassium?

Here’s a good example: kidney failure patients.

Patients with kidney failure have problems where their kidneys do not work properly.

And since their kidneys don’t work properly, they can’t easily excrete electrolytes like you and I, which is why they tend to have HIGH levels of potassium.

So therefore, if I give them bananas which already contains high levels of potassium, I would be putting the patient at a higher risk to develop hyperkalemia.

See how I got to that conclusion?

This is what I mean by explaining things in a way you can understand because now you’ll really get what the question is asking you.

Here’s a list of some other foods you should be aware of:

  1. Chocolate

  2. Cheeses

  3. Beer/alcohol

  4. Green leafy vegetables

  5. Cantaloupoues

  6. Oatmeal

Each of these foods contraindicate with very specific medications. Can you name which medications they are? Comment below and let me know.

I would also recommend learning more about different foods that carry certain types of electrolytes and nutrients aside from the ones I mentioned above.

The NCLEX exam will typically ask you to match certain food trays to different patients.

Thanks for reading!

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