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High Quality Education

Our teachings and resources are designed to help you obtain the totality of your nursing education into high quality resources. We provide you with the resources that will give you the aha moments so you know what you're missing.

Personalized Resources

One of the greatest fundamentals that really separates Choosing Nursing from so many other options, teachings that are personalized to help you identify the best strategies to help you pass this test.

World Renowned Coach

Our founder Nurse Chioma is a licensed nurse that has been successfully helping thousands of nurses all over the world to finally pass their test. Through her teaching, we have seen nurses from the U.S. to Nigeria, Jamaica, Philippines and more to succeed as a licensed nurse.


How To Become A Registered Nurse

Looking for clarity on the process towards becoming a registered nurse? This book will give you all the information you need.

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70 Diseases & Conditions Book

Pick up today our best selling book to help you better understand the diseases. Ideal for nursing students, NCLEX-PN, & NCLEX-RN test takers.


NCLEX Pharmacology Cheat Sheet Book

Need help with mastering pharmacology? This book will review it all in detail.


Passed 75 Questions

Even as a student, my instructors would tell, Mercy you would be the best nurse if you only had confidence in yourself. The first day I joined nurse chioma’s live show on Facebook, she talked about confidence and I was like she is the reason I really now have to build this confidence because it’s what it will take for me to pass the NCLEX-RN exam...

Passed 265 Questions

I was following you and your pages all throughout nursing school, prior to taking my exam! I used your emails, webinars, RN programs, NCLEX readiness assessment, and content practice to help me pass my exam!

Class Testimonial

It taught me how to strategically breakdown the questions as well as the answers in order to select the correct one. I learned how to visualize the question in order to assess what part of the process it is in order to get the correct answer....